TransArmor Solution


Protect Your Customers Card Holder Data and Your Business!

The TransArmor solution is a state of the art security package that helps protect your business from hackers and malicious software that threaten your business. And now, with added functionality, it is even more powerful. TransArmor makes it easier than ever to keep your business safe, so you can focus on running your business. First Data TransArmor Data Protection is a powerful payment card security that combines the flexibility of software or hardware based encryption with random number tokenization to protect merchants and their customers from the consequences of a payment card data breach.

Benefits for Business

ECI helps your business dramatically increase payment security and reduce risk using state of the art data protection to safeguard merchants and consumers from the risks of transmitting and storing vulnerable card data at your location.

  • Multiple layers of protection make cardholder data significantly more secure
  • Reduce the risk and address the root cause of data security issues
  • Decrease your liability for breaches and enjoy the extra security of a limited warranty
  • Reduce PCI compliance scope, effort, and cost
  • Easy implementation and maintenance, which enables IT to focus on broader business initiatives

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