Wireless Processing

Wireless Processing


For many years the only payment options for merchants who were on the go were cash and check. Now with evolving technology and lower cost, the merchant can accept credit card payments virtually anywhere.

Wireless terminals work using the same technology as your cellular phone. The terminals transmit the data using CDMA and GPRS cellular technology. You can accept credit and debit transactions and know that your transaction has been approved in seconds. You will also qualify for the lower swiped processing rate. With a variety of options, ECI has the right one for your business!

There are a few options for wireless processing. The first is a wireless terminal that uses CDMA or GPRS technology. These terminals offer many beneficial features like an internal pinpad for processing pin based debit transactions, saving you even more money. You will also have the signed receipt to protect you and your business from chargebacks. Wireless terminals are also faster than a traditional terminal connected to a telephone line. Transactions take 2-5 seconds from the time you submit it until you get a response. Perfect for trade shows, taxi companies, seasonal business (Christmas tree lots, ice cream stands), or any business that works outside the office (plumbers, home repair, delivery service).

The other option is using your existing smartphone as a swipe terminal. By adding an inexpensive card reader and downloading an app, your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows phone becomes a mobile credit card terminal. You still get the swiped rate and fast transaction approval. You can email receipts to your customers and process credit cards anywhere you have a cell signal. One feature not available using your smartphone to process credit cards is pin based debit.

Our wireless solutions are all certified PCI compliant and offer you safe,secure and reliable processing options. Call today and let our experts help you choose the right option for you!

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