• Physician Payment Protection

    We recently released Physician Payment Protection, which helps medical practices protect patient’s credit card data from cyber criminals by adding encryption and tokenization to every credit card transaction and at the same time helping them with their HIPPA compliance.

    Now one of the most profitable and widespread criminal activities, cybercrime impacts millions small businesses each year and the consequences can be crippling. At ECI, we know that medical practices are targets for the cybercriminals which led us to develop Physician Payment Protection to help secure their practice.

    The first security step we take is analyzing the way the medical office is currently processing credit card transactions and seeing if we can add our encryption with random number tokenization to their credit card terminal or Internet payment gateway. If we are not able to utilize their device, then we have several options that we can present to them. Our terminals are also EMV compliant that helps protect the medical practice against losses from accepting counterfeit and lost/stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale.

    Once we have secured their terminal then we help them with their PCI compliance, which is required by every merchant to be completed once a year. This questionnaire will make sure their office environment is safe and secure.

    The final component of the Physician Payment Protection is our $100,000 breach coverage. This service will give physicians peace of mind knowing that their practice and their patient’s data are safe and sound.

    Please click here to be contacted for more information, or you can email me at janderson@ecina.com.

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