Customer Service FAQs

Some common questions our customers have:

What is batching out?

The process by which the merchant and cardholders bank exchange transaction data, resulting in the depositing of funds into your specified account.

How do I batch out?

There are two methods of batching out. All ECI terminals are set to auto batch (with the exception of restaurants) for your convenience. Auto batching will occur at the time that you request and will include a batch report for that day. Secondly, you can batch anytime through out the day manually with the touch of one button.

What if I don’t Batch?

Your terminal will be set to auto batch, but in the event the terminal does not batch you will have the option to manually batch out your terminal. It is important to batch out every day because Visa/MasterCard will downgrade all of the transaction in your batch if it is not settled within 48 hours.

Will I get a batch report?

Yes, your terminal and will print a deposit report everyday when it settles. All Internet payment gateways are setup to email you a settlement report everyday.

Can I pre authorize funds on a customers card?

Yes, you can verify funds on a customers card. Those funds will be reserved for you until, at a later date, you deposit those held funds into your account.

What about technical support?

ECI has a team of trained technicians ready to assist you and answer any question or concerns that might arise.

How do I return Money?

To do a refund with an ECI terminal is very easy. The procedure is the same as a sale after you put the terminal in return mode by pressing the return key on the terminal display.

How do I do a void?

A void can be done the same day a transaction has been run before the batch has been closed. If you press void on the keypad the procedure will be the same as a sale.

How long until the money reaches my bank account?

All ECI funds are deposited in 12 to 36 hours after the batch has been closed.

Do I get a statement?

Yes, a monthly statement is generated that has detailed information about your individual transactions, service fees and your monthly totals.

On-line Reporting

Yes, online reporting is available. Just ask your ECI representative for details.

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