• 3 Tips to Lowering Your Credit Card Processing Rates

    Welcome to ECI’s Helpful Tips for Merchant’s series.

    Today Jim Anderson is reviewing the 3 top tips to lower your credit card processing rates. You can view the video below as well as view a recap of the 3 items below.

    The first tip is to set up your merchant account with interchange plus pricing. Interchange plus pricing is the most transparent pricing model in our industry and there is a reason why the large corporations in America prefer to use this pricing model.

    The second tip is to use AVS when keying, not swiping, a credit card transaction to stop the transaction from downgrading to higher priced interchange level.

    The third tip is to have your processing statement analyzed by a reputable ISO. We can uncover any hidden fees that might be in your contract and put more money back in your pocket.

    If you have any merchant services questions that you would like answers to, or would like some help lowering your credit card processing rates you can call Jim Anderson at 888-404-7500 Ext 223, or send an email to janderson@ecina.com.

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